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The privacy of SKADOTFILES users and visitor is Very important to us.Skadotfiles collect information such as ip address,your browser used to visit  my blog,your phone name,phone type and network provider .i also use adsvertising company which notes some of your private informaton to display relevant ads.I want you to know that,Skadotfiles wont use your data for any illegal activities or sell to anyone.Thanks for visiting my blog.Check the list below to view some of the information we get from our readers.

1)We collect information such as Ip address,browser, network provider.etc.pls note that we won't for any reason disclose these informations with anyone or try to sell to anyone.

2)we also work with some advertising companies which uses your private informations to display relevant ads which also helps you to get reasonable products.

Note:With all these listed above,we won't for any reason sell or disclose your information with anyone.Thanks for visiting SKADOTFILES!

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