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See The Cattle With Thick Muscles Causing Wahala Online (Photos

A picture of a Belgian Blue bull has gone viral due to its incredibly ripped physique. The breed of cattle have freakish muscle-bound bodies due to a naturally occurring gene mutation called ‘double muscling’.

But many are convinced that farmers have been injecting the ‘bodybuilder bulls’ with steroids sparking a furious row online.

It comes after Knickers, a 6ft 4ins steer from Australia, hit the headlines for being ‘too big to to be butchered’.

While Knickers achieved fame because of his height, these Belgian Blues boast bulging muscles all over their bodies.
“This should be illegal to inject so much hormones and steroids into any animal it takes it out of its natural healthy looking character. This is sick and sad,” one commenter online wrote.

“It should be illegal to inject steroids into any animal… it takes it out of its natural healthy looking character,” another added.
But others hit back at the steroid claims and explained their bulging muscles are due to genetics.

“This is a Belgian breed of cattle that looks like this because of a genetic mutation that results in increased muscle mass!!! So stop this steroid and animal cruelty nonsense.”

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