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What happened to a Little india girl

Warning: This story is not for the faint of heart.
A little Muslim girl in Kashmir named Asifa was held for days in a Hindu temple, gang-raped, and murdered by multiple men, including a retired Indian government official and four police officers who were using the crime as a weapon of war against her people.
This would be bad enough, but here's the thing. There are massive protests in the area, NOT just in anger about the murder, but in DEFENSE of the men responsible. Ministers from the BJP--India's ruling party--have also spoken out to support them.
Let me be clear: Every religion and country has a mix of good and evil people, and you should never blame a group for the actions of its members. The lead investigator who solved the crime is a Hindu pandit, and every Hindu I know is outraged at what's going on. But I cannot get over the fact that the ruling class in India is rallying in support of these monsters.
God will judge them.

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