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11 things mentally strong people do

1. They stay happy. Happiness is a decision. Don't waste energy on the things you can't control.
2. They move on. Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. Forgiveness is key. Invest your energy in the present and preparing for the future.
3. They keep control. Don't give any other person the control of your life. Control your own emotions.
4. They embrace change. Change brings growth and allows you to move forward in life. Change is not something to be scared of.
5. They accept responsibility.We all make mistakes, no one is perfect. Accept responsibility for your actions, learn and move forward.
6. They celebrate others success. The success of others will not hold you back, only a negative attitude to their success will do that.
7. They are willing to fail. Turn the times you fail in to lessons to help you grow. The only time you can completely fail is when you don't try.
8. They don't believe the world owes them something.
9. They have patience. They don't always expect immediate results.
10. They use their thoughts productively. Negative thoughts are replaced with productive thoughts. What fills your mind, controls your life.
11.They share. They don't have scarcity mentality. Life is about contribution. True knowledge is the best gift anyone can give. Always share knowledge.

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